Hilbre Island Tide Times

Check the tide times before your walk

Hilbre Island, located off the coast of West Kirby in Wirral, is a popular destination for walkers, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts. However, one important aspect that visitors to the island must be aware of is the tide times, as the island is only accessible during low tide.

The tides in the Mersey Estuary can be quite unpredictable, and it is important to check the tide times before setting out on a visit to Hilbre Island. The Wirral Council website provides detailed information on the tide times for the month, including the time of high and low tide and the height of the tide.

Visitors should aim to arrive at the island at least 2 hours after high tide, as this will allow enough time to explore the island and return safely before the tide comes in. It is also important to keep an eye on the tide while on the island, as the water can rise quickly and cut off the access points to the mainland. To return to the mainland it is necessary to leave the island 2 to 3 hours before the next high water.

In addition to being aware of the tide times, visitors to Hilbre Island should also be aware of the potential dangers of the island. The terrain can be quite rough and uneven, and there are areas that can become slippery when wet. It is important to wear appropriate footwear and to take extra care when walking on the rocks and cliffs.

A visit to Hilbre Island can be a truly memorable experience. The island is home to a variety of bird species, including oystercatchers, curlews, and terns, and there are also seals that can be spotted around the island. The views from the island are stunning, with panoramic vistas of the coast and the estuary.

Hilbre Island in Wirral is a unique and beautiful destination that requires careful planning and attention to the tide times. Visitors should check the tide times before setting out, aim to arrive at least three hours before high tide, and be aware of the potential dangers of the island. With its stunning views and diverse wildlife, a visit to Hilbre Island is a must for anyone visiting the Wirral.

If in doubt ask the coastguard who is normally situated in the car par by the marine lake.

Hilbre Island Tidal Flow Chart