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Head into West Kirby on the Wirral peninsula to find a wonderful island adventure. Hilbre Island attracts lots of people each weekend, and there is a good reason why! It doesn’t really matter if it’s a cloudy day or crisp blue skies, taking a walk over to Hilbre Island is the perfect coastal experience. We are a Hilbre Island appreciation website, not an official website.

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Visitors to Hilbre Island

Hilbre Island receives so many visitors each year, local and from afar. All enjoy the wonderful walk across the sands, no matter if the sun is shining or if there are grey skies above! You’ll often find families trekking out across the much used walking route to Hilbre Island

Once at the Island, it offers so much from awesome photography opportunities of wildlife and views back to the shoreline, also panoramic sea views. It really is a full on seaside experience.

If you’re lucky you may spot the famous Hilbre Island Grey Seals. A good place to spot them is on the far side of the Island by the walkway, once the tide is coming in you can normally spot them bobbing around in the water!

Many first time visitors to Hilbre Island are often not from the region and have plenty of questions before they make the walk out.

Below we have answered a few of the most popular questions asked. You can of course get information at the location on the information boards or have a chat with one of the coast guards who are located at the start of the walk path. 


FAQ About Hilbre Island

Are there toilets on Hilbre Island?

There are no public toilets on Hilbre Islands. There are also no shops or public access to fresh water. 

How long does it take to walk to Hilbre Island?

Via Little Eye, the walk should take roughly an hour. 

Are dogs allowed on Hilbre Island?

Yes dogs are allowed, but please keep on a lead. 

When is the best time to walk to Hilbre Island?

The Islands are surrounded by the tide roughly up to 6 hours twice a day, however adverse weather conditions can impact tide patterns. Always plan your walk and check the tide times

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Hilbre Island

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